Weekly Spotify Playlist – 02/09/16

I’m going to post a spotify playlist every week, limiting myself to about an hours worth of music, of songs I’ve been raving about throughout the week. This week includes mostly tracks that I’ve been hyping about on my comedown from Reading Festival! Biffy Clyro, Fall Out Boy, Lower Than Atlantis and Black Foxes are a few of the tracks I enjoyed seeing most at Reading. Moose Blood’s Cheek is included for having the best middle 8 I’ve heard all year. Laika is a song that nobody should sleep on, the album is going to be huge! Twenty One Pilots won me over a bit at Reading, and I’ve been listening to them quite a bit this week. I’m dangerously close to becoming a fan. A Day To Remember have been included to honour their album release today. More on that next week.

Check out the whole playist here: https://play.spotify.com/user/huntyhuntt/playlist/0tDABFaXYJmXTL1YyAaeg9


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