Sharp’s Doom Bar – Beer Review

I’d say I’m quite the connoisseur of beers, and yet I’ve never much enjoyed the popular Doom Bar from the Sharp’s Brewery. I’ve tried it many times, but never really enjoyed it all that much. It’s never sat that well and Ive always found myself moving on to something lighter after a couple of pints. However, a couple of weeks ago I found myself drinking it for the first time from a glass bottle and my view was instantly changed. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that beer tastes best from a tap, then from a bottle and then from a can. However, this bottle of Doom Bar which I found myself drinking from a bottle was incredible. I was noticing flavours I’d never seen in it before and it sat fantastically. And so, last Friday I found myself setting up for a session in a Pub and I thought “You know what, lets try and have a session of Doom Bar”. I can certainly say that my opinion has changed, and I can see why the beer is so tremendously popular. While it’s never going to be my first choice of beer, simply because my first choice is always going to be something new and exciting, it’s reassuring to know that I do enjoy a beer that most ale drinkers also enjoy, and reassuring that I always have something nice to fall back on when the guest taps don’t prove fruitful.doom-bar


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