Jimmy Eat World – Top Ten Tracks Feature

In honour of the shows Jimmy Eat World are playing in London this week, here’s a rundown of their top ten tracks!

10: Work Taken from their fifth album Futures, this track helped lead the bands charge into the Mainstream.

9: Blister

While Clarity has gone down in history as one of the seminal emo records it lacked any proper anthems. Blister was probably the closest they got to straight up hooks until 2001’s Bleed American.

8: A Praise Chorus

Second track from the bands best album, this is a call to action for the underdog.

7: Big Casino

This track opens up the bands sixth album with one of the best chorus’ the band have written to date!

6: The Middle

No list of Jimmy Eat World songs would be complete without The Middle. Pure pop music it was the sound of a band with their sights on the big leagues.

5: Always Be

Oft mis-understood by fans as a Love song, I personally hear longing in this track, pining for something he cannot have. A definite banger for sure.

4: I Will Steal You Back

An absolute anthem from a record which was relatively un-inspiring. The acoustic led nature of this song was un-characteristic for Jimmy Eat World and helped to make it a thrilling listen.

3: Bleed American

Renamed Salt, Sweat, Sugar on the American version of the album because of the 9/11 Terrorist attacks. Normally comes served with a side portion of Mash.

2: My Best Theory

My Best Theory is an anthemic track which leads the way into seventh studio album Invented. Definitely the strongest track on the album and the strongest track released since the phenomenal Bleed American record.

1: Sweetness

Are you listening? The best track Jimmy Eat World have recorded. An absolute anthem. Just listen to it, there’s not much more I can say.




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