White Riot – Beer Review

It’s always a pleasure to head into a pub and find an exciting new beer to try. I really have to hand it to JD Wetherspoons. In the past two years they’ve tremendously improved their Craft Beer and Ale selections and rather than sticking to the tried and tested stalwarts of the game, they’ve been giving opportunity to many different breweries. Gone are the days where the youth would only drink Carlsberg or Fosters. Entry Level ales like Shipyard or Devils Backbone are helping cultivate a new generation of Ale and Craft Beer lovers. I always make a point to try a new beer in a wetherspoons, due to their ever changing selection on the Craft Beer front. This week was no exception, and I found myself trying the new White Riot from Uprising Brewery. I must say, the concept of a Wheat Pale Ale was exciting to me. Combining my two favourite types of beer, Pale Ale and Weissbeer was too good to be true. And this beer did NOT let me down! I was very impressed. It was full flavoured like a pale ale, but was not heavy at all. It had the texture of a white beer too. And the best part at all, it wasn’t gassy! I cannot wait to try this beer again sometime. If you ever see this on tap at your local, I would really recommend it. I had it at The Kings Tun in Kingston, so if you’re in the area anytime soon.


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