Erdinger Weissbeir – Beir-Bewertung

It’s mid September, the temperature is falling (we’ll ignore Wednesday to Friday last week) and the skies are getting grey. This means only one thing! Oktoberfest is drawing near. And Oktoberfest looming means that it’s the time of year to drink Weissbeir. And if you’re looking for a decent Weissbeir, look no further than a trusty bottle or pint of Erdinger. While you can probably find it on tap in at least one of your local bars, and it tastes tremendous from the tap when poured correctly, you are probably best off going down to your local supermarket. All the big chains sell Erdinger by the 500ml bottle. Grab a couple, stick them in the fridge, pour them out with a nice head to maintain the flavour, and enjoy. Erdinger is a gorgeous weissbeir with a full flavour and great drinkability. The only pitfalls of this lovely beer are that its flavour is ruined if it isn’t cold, and it can become quite difficult to drink. Nevertheless, go out this week and enjoy a nice cold Erdinger!


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