Camden Hells Lager – Beer Review

Hells Lager has slowly been worming its way into the pubs of London for the past five years, forcing out the tasteless boring draughts like Carlsberg and Fosters. Nowdays it's more common to find on tap than those mass produced beers and I'm sure those who work at the brewery see this as a massive triumph, so much so … Continue reading Camden Hells Lager – Beer Review


Erdinger Weissbeir – Beir-Bewertung

It's mid September, the temperature is falling (we'll ignore Wednesday to Friday last week) and the skies are getting grey. This means only one thing! Oktoberfest is drawing near. And Oktoberfest looming means that it's the time of year to drink Weissbeir. And if you're looking for a decent Weissbeir, look no further than a trusty bottle or … Continue reading Erdinger Weissbeir – Beir-Bewertung